Tim Morgan
Handwriting Expert of Missouri
Tim Morgan is an expert handwriting analyst and a forgery analyst in the State of Missouri. He is a skilled
authority in handwriting identification. He has analyzed over 5000 handwriting specimens since becoming a mental
health professional in the state of Missouri in 1992.

He is presently a consultant for criminal profiling with a number of Private Investigators operating in Missouri,
Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee, gleaning the character profile from handwriting samples as seen on the television
show "CSI."  He has also performed forgery determinations for Private Investigators in the state of Missouri.

Tim Morgan is a graduate of the International School of Forensic Document Examination, the only existing
non-government school of Court Document Examiners in the world.  He has studied numerous authorities of
handwriting analysis in many  examining disciplines such as Medical Graphology - Dr. Alexander, MD, MN, Bunker
of the International Graphologist Society, and Graphotherapy - Bart Baggett. Tim Morgan has studied handwriting
analysis for over 40 years.

Tim Morgan is certified by Handwriting University International and by Mr. Bart Baggett, an internationally
recognized handwriting analyst and international authority on Court Document Examination. Mr. Bart Baggett's
qualifications have been affirmed in the Los Angeles, California judicial system and in various legislative districts all
over the United States.

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